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A story of family, dreams, innocence, love, and scandal.

When Bob Harrison created Confidential Magazine in 1952, he gave the public gossip, humor, and sex. But he also offered something totally unexpected: The TRUTH about the rich and famous. It quickly became the #1-selling magazine in America. Soon Bob wasn’t just TELLING the story, he WAS the story, with headlines, scandals, and a wild ride of his own. But in contrast to the stories in his magazine, just about every story Bob told about himself was a fantasy, from a Jungle Love Triangle to the Vine that makes you Virile.

TRUE STORIES were Bob’s currency. The 24-hour news cycle of scandal and half-truths is his legacy. Would he be happy if he were alive to see how things turned out all these years later? Maybe, maybe not. But he wouldn’t be at all surprised…

Mr. Confidential is a giddy, vibrant tale set in New York and Hollywood at their most glamorous and dangerous. Fast, fluid and sexy—with just a touch of burlesque. But look beyond all the tabloid scandals, beneath the whipped cream and diamonds, and you find something truly shocking: in fact, this is a story about family, dreams, innocence, and love. Go figure.
Bob is obsessed with his creations. They take him inside a dream world where fantasies come true—where he is the essence of Café Society and can live out his Man-About-Town desires. Yet he is also a deeply generous spirit, who rarely understands that his actions can have disastrous consequences.

Big Bob's dazzling rise, desperate fall, and spectacular comeback take him to triumph beyond even his own imagination, as Confidential Magazine becomes the top newsstand seller in America, with over 5 million copies of each issue flying off the shelves. Celebrity scandal is the goose that lays the golden egg. But it soon grows into a veritable dragon that doesn’t just bite Bob in the ass—it swallows him whole.

In the end he must choose between fantasy and reality; family and infamy; legacy and longing. And no matter how the story ends, Harrison is always the first to shout, “Hooray for Hollywood.”